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Vale of Pickering non-member of QRA

Vale of Pickering



Thursday 7 September - Sunday 10 September 2017

£95 per person. Includes all travel to the field sites, packed lunches, field guide & meeting room. Please read detailed description below for further information on accommodation.

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Detailed Description

Quaternary Research Association Vale of Pickering Field Meeting 2017

This QRA field meeting will visit the Vale of Pickering area, North Yorkshire to re-examine the rich Quaternary archives preserved in the environs. Recent investigations of these records by several Quaternary research groups have enhanced our understanding of the nature and rate of landscape response to abrupt climate change during the Last Termination, but also the longer-term evolution of the valley. Furthermore, the Vale of Pickering contains the world famous archaeological sites of Star Carr and Flixton Island that provide unparalleled insight into the repopulation of the British Isles during the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. The results of recent re-excavations of these sites will be reported during the field excursion.

The preliminary field programme will consider the following themes:

  1. Evidence for Middle and Late Pleistocene glaciation in the Vale of Pickering.
  2. Formation and drainage of pro-glacial lake environments during the Dimlington Stadial.
  3. The nature and timing of ice sheet retreat in the Vale of Pickering and the nature of paraglacial adjustment immediately after ice retreat.
  4. Palaeoenvironments of the Vale of Pickering during the last glacial – interglacial transition.
  5. Archeological and geoarchaeological investigations around Palaeolake Flixton.

 Preliminary schedule:

Thursday 7th September: evening Introductory talk in Scarborough.

Friday 8th September: The geomorphology and sedimentology of the western Vale of Pickering (visits to Kirkham Priory; East Heslerton Quarry).

Saturday 9th September: The geomorphology and sedimentology of the area around the eastern Vale of Pickering (visits to Wykeham Quarry, Wykeham Moraine, Flamborough Moraine).

Sunday 10th September: Paleaoenvironments and Archaeology of Palaeolake Flixton (visits to Star Carr and Flixton Island)


The fieldtrip will be based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Accommodation can be booked directly with the Grand Hotel. You can contact Tracey Whyte by phone on 01723 383007 or via email (tracey.whyte@britanniahotels.com) and please quote QRA. You should indicate whether you are willing to share a room and if so the name of the person with whom you want to share. A £10 deposit will be requested at the time of booking and the balance should be paid 3 weeks in advance of arrival. We have set aside a number of rooms which will be available until the 10th August 2017, after which they will be made available for general sale.

For further information, please contact:

Adrian Palmer (a.palmer@rhul.ac.uk)